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The range of impressive solutions that we offer brings quality, finesse, luxury and style. We will offer you an inspiring solution in a completely modern classical look. You can enjoy Italian luxury at home thanks to our options for your home or office.

Browse through our online catalogue to explore our vast product range or you can visit our showroom to discuss face to face the best options suiting your wishes and budget. Arreda Casa is among the leading direct improting companies from Italy in Bulgaria and all items on out site are carefully chosen to meet the high standards that we offer to our clients.

Our company offers a great variety of bedroom furniture items. The bedroom is the place where we relax and rest fully and that is why we aim at providing the best and most comfortable furniture for it. Choose from more than 80 options for modern and classical looking beds and wardrobes with astonishing design.
You can order the model you like so we can provide the double bed of your dreams. Our options ar enot only beautiful, but equally practical, comfortable and fuctional. Our selection of Italian imported items is of perfect quality so we can suit every taste whether modern or classic.
Arreda Casa will help you furnish the perfect kitchen for your home where you can cook with love. We offer various concepts in modern and classic style. Our unique module kitchens would attract the attention of any culinary art lover. They are a combination of beauty, style and functionality. Cooking is no more a chore, but wonderful experience!
You can order your kitchen items from Italy choosing the models, design, materials and colors. Functionality will be chosen according to the specificity of the space. In our website you can find diverse modern and classic items in Italian style.
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Италианска мека мебел - Arreda.bg

We are offering luxurious Italian sofas and armchairs for your home and office. Regardless of whether you are relaxing at home or you are in a corporat eenvironment, you can treat yourself with the confort you desrve. We offer a wide range of sofas with modern and classical look. We have modular sofas among which you can choose the best one according to materials, colours and mechanism. They will become the focus of your living room by attracting attension in a delicate and stylish way.

Our site offers a variety of designs for luxuriously furnished living rooms in odern and classical style. We have unique options to suit every taste. The products combine different colours, materials and interior design concepts. You will find storage options in the form of cupboards, cabinets and bookshelves. Naturally, we also offer coffee tables to match your stylish sofa.
Our high quality products will turn your living room in an embodiment of style, luxury and confort. We offer items with clean and simple design with highlighted strait lines. We also have classical models form massive wood in soft and coservative colours. Our selection of furnishing and decor solutions will bring sublime beauty and coziness to your home.

Choose the perfect vision for the room of your child. No matter whether it is a boy or a girl, one or two children, we can offer exactly what you need. If you cannot find the perfect solution we will produce it for you. We aim at offering a top quality import from Italy. We use predominantly light colours and opt for design that lets the most natural light in the room. We know that comport is eqaully important to exquisite details. We design and offfer furniture that will make your child comfortable and happy.

We have the perfect range of luxury office furniture imported from Italy of prodcued in Bulgaria. Our online catalogue offers browsing through 70 different solutions for your office that will bring the corporate style and elegance that you have always dreamt of. We offer high quality office furniture at prices suiting every budget. Our selection of models offers different combinations of metal, wood and leather in a variety of colours that will satisfy every taste.

We at Arreda Casa can produce a solution of what you have in mind so that it fits perfectly in the style and size of the place. We will design a customized project for you taking into account the specifics of the room you need to furnish. Our customized solutions will meet perfectly your concept and expectations. Trust us so we can tak ecare in the best way for your home or offcie!
Browse through our catalogue and get inspired by Italian exquisitness.
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