How to choose the ideal sofa?

Модерна мека мебел в оранжево и бяло

Buying a sofa is like marriage: you see it, fall in love, tak eit home and you ar ehappy together for years to come.

But reality is not that simple. In ordert to be sure in the durability of your relationship, you should choose the right sofa – model, colour, designs and functionality.

Here are a few steps that will guide you when choosing a sofa:


There are different types of sofas, but which one is the best for you? Your first task is to consider the size and style of the room. Smaller rooms call for sofa slightlly elevated on legs so that it creates an illusion for spaciousness. Larger rooms allow for flexibility, so consider the rest of the interior.


It is almost impossible to visualize how the sofa will look in your room having in view all other sofas in the showroom. Take measure of the place where you will put the sofa or if you are replacing an old sofa go along with its size. Ask for advice the consultant in the showrrom who will help you with size and positioning.


Instead of focusing on the fabric, consider the construction of the sofa. Hard wood is more durable than pine wood. Pay attention to whether the seperate elements are glued together or bolted. Ask after the stuffing – polyurethane foam is much more lasting than ordinary foam. The sofa should have elastic belts that make it much more comfortable when sitting. If you prefer a soft seat, your sofa should also have padding of goose feathers. This is like choosing a matress – your own prefence makes for your comfort.

Height of backrest and arms

The average height of the backrest is 90 cm, with some modern sofa having 80 cm. Experts say that higher backrest look good against a wall while lower backrest is more stylish. Some sofas have mechnism for elevating and supporting the head which gives you the stylishness of the low backrest combined with the comfort of the high backrest. Regarding the arms, consider whether you will use the sofa for sleeping. Mind that braod arms take up space from the sitting area.

Contemporary sofas offer multiple variants for adjucsting the backrest height. There are options that allow moving it forward and backward, giving different sitting depth. The depth of those sofas is greater than normal, so it should be adequate to the mesurements of your room.


Fabric or leather? If you alrady have one of those variants, you would probably hardlly change your opinion. Leather is easier to clean, it looks more luxurious, but needs special care. Linen and cotton keep cool in summer and warm in winter, but are difficult to clean. To the families with children experts recommend fabric that is solid and durable to regular cleaning or a sofa with changeable covers.

Wneh you make up your mind for leather ask about its origin? Whether and how it is treated? на кожа – поинтересувайте се от къде е добита? Как и дали е обработена?

There are three types of leather – treated, aniline and semianlinie. Treated leather is often easier to find and with lower price. It vaires in thickness and treatment and allows for easier cleaning. There’s usually a wider choice of colours and prints. Anilina leather is not treated. It is live and one should be careful with it – absorbs stains and can be treated only with special cleaning compounds. Aniline leather is usually the most beautiful and the most expensive. It may still have animal marks and there may be differnce in the tonality of leathers used for the upholstery of the whole sofa – but it is exactly where its charm comes from. Semianiline is a combination between treated leather and aniline.

When chosing your sofa, you should always rely on our shop assistants’ advice.

We have learned by experience that every moment in life is special. Even simply sitting on the sofa can be an experssion of strenght of caracter. Therefore, we have selected very carefully the soft furniture manufacturers we are working with. Our choice is based on good taste and practicality, high profesionalism and a detailed examination of each product.

Trust us!

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