Dining Tables

Italian dining tables

We offer a great selection of the best luxurious Italian dining tables in a large variety of types and models. They have been designed by the leaders in this industry and handmade by Italian craftsmen. Those specialists in fine design turn furniture into fashion. Look through our catalogue and chose among products with uncomparable class and style. 100% Italian quality!

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Our products have a modern vision. They are created by some of the most famous furniture brands in Italy, which have been determining the trends in interior design for decades. This dining and living room furniture is made of premium materials such as wood, metal and glass.

Dining tables

Our high-end luxury dining options adapt historical forms, from baroque to art deco, to that of modern style. They fit perfectly into the atmosphere of both the dining room and the living room. They are built of a solid surface and a solid foundation. This dining furniture limits the classic curves at the expense of elegant, modern minimalism.

The overall effect they achieve is eternal beauty. They are as close as possible to the needs of their customers. The luxury models have an attractive design, but with extremely simple and clean lines. They are typical representatives of the unmistakable Italian style, bringing a touch of extra brightness to the room.

Round dining tables

Not all homes have equally large and spacious dining rooms and living rooms. For this reason, we offer furniture in various shapes and sizes, including a wide selection of round dining tables. The round top is an ideal choice for you when your dining room is not long and large, but rather square and small. If your home has a modern feel and you like to entertain guests, then we offer them to you.

This style is a perfect solution for an attic apartment or penthouse. The available models can accommodate from two to seven or eight people. Because the shape is round rather than rectangular, you can look everyone in the eye as you sit and talk. Combine with suitable chairs and you will have a modern kitchen set to match the rest of your decor.

Glass dining tables

For those customers who prefer modern decor, we suggest you take a look at our glass options. This type of furniture includes a glass top, which has a pronounced clean look and simple lines. This is not just a place to eat, but a striking central element for your kitchen or living room. What you need to decide is what shape you prefer if you have already opted for a model with a glass top.

Extendable dining tables

A place for family time, good conversation and memories, a basic tool that every home needs. The reality, however, is that many homes, especially those with little space, have furniture that is small. Buy anextendable model, because it is the perfect space-saving solution, available in a variety of designs and styles. It is suitable for spaces of all sizes – yes, even those that you think can not fit!

Modern dining tables by Arreda

Arreda Casa offers dining furniture, which takes its form and design from the praised interior of Italy. They are available in a variety of colors and are made of high quality and durable materials with high reliability. Although the furniture is inspired by the history of European design, it was created with future generations in mind.