Office Chairs

Italian office chairs

Our Italian office chairs bring together fashion and furniture. They are created by experienced designers and made by the best Italian craftsmen from the best raw materials in Europe. They will help you give your office an air of luxury and elegance. We offer several different models that meet various needs and have structural differences.

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Your office is the place where you spend a great deal of your day. Buy sitting furniture produced in Italy, because they provide the right support for your body. You will not feel discomfort even after extended period of sitting. As fas as design is concerend, you may choose among textile and leather upholstery in a variety of colours. The wide colour range is a guarantee that you will find the right solution to match the rest of the interior.

Offcie chairs

Add a touch of elegance and attractiveness of sublime quality to your interior with an office chair designed for maximum confort. View our selection now in order to find everything that you need for your offcie. The available models combine comfort with royal presence, which adds the final touch to the interior of your office.

We offer a selection of luxury options in different styles and colours so that you can find the best for your offcie. Upholstery options include leather, fabric and mesh for every taste. The styles vary from ergonomic to classical so they match the taste and need of every person.

The high backrest and armrests create an impressive image. Adjustable armrests, seat and backrest allow for the most customized option for sitting. Visiotr chairs are both attractive and satisfactory. They have immobile base and are comfortable during continuous sitting.

Offcie chairs in modern style

Modern office chairs are produced from a great variety of materials and include unique functions for adjustment. You can personalize them according to your preferred sitting posture. Size, shape and design vary. We can offer you a comfortable, stylish option with the right size for your office space.

You can choose among many charcteristics, styles, materials and colours. Most modern options include unique functions which allow you to rotate, lean backwards and adjust the height of the seat and backrest. The most popular seat adjustments include inclination control, lumbal support and ergonomic settings.

All of these functions allow adjusting the chair according to your personal sitting preferences. And do not forget about your clients. Conference models will keep them comfortable during their visit at your office.

High quality chairs from Arreda

Arreda Casa offers high quality office chairs with maximum customizing fuctions and top design. Models in this category are suitable for extended daily use in professional environment. This is the right place for you, if you are a single customer who is concerned about proper posture and general wellbeing! Our testsed and carefully selected items are keeping up with the most modern design trends.

Bying a chair from us will give you a modern design, optimal comfort at work and high quality manufacturing. All products provide the utmost quality that you are used to. The used materials include massive wood, metal, aluminium, polypropylene, polycarbonate, fabric and leather. Depending on your needs you can focus on more modern and minimalistic solutions or on some of our more classical models.